8/27/2019 Update - We lost the repeater site where the D-Star Repeater had been located since the beginning of D-Star. This was the first D-Star Repeater in Tennessee. Due to my current situation working out of state, it will be difficult to locate another site and get it back on the air anytime soon. I'm sorry for this inconvenience. There is nothing I can do at this time...Bob AF4TZ


7/17/2016 Update - The Nashville D-Star repeater has a new callsign - K4CPO. It will remain on 147.18 MHz and will be at the same location. Thanks for your patience...Bob AF4TZ


03/23/2013 Update - There is a Reflector for TN. - REF060. This allows TN repeaters, DVAPS, Hot Spots, etc to link together for voice and data (D-RATS).  

If you have D-Star equipment, you can register on the Gateway to use the D-Star Network by clicking this link.


To check and make sure your registration is correct, click on the following link and enter your callsign. http://dstar.prgm.org/cgi-bin/dstar-regcheck



D-Star Information
For a list of D-Star Repeaters, Reflectors, D-Star Nets, Programming Helphttp://www.dstarinfo.com


To view the Nashville Gateway, K4CPO Dashboard   https://k4cpo.dstargateway.org/
To view the Tennessee Reflector, REF060 Dashboard   http://ref060.dstargateway.org/


D-Star Nets
Southeast Weather Net - Sunday nights at 8 PM CST for the Southeast Weather net

Tennessee D-Star and D-Rats Net - Friday nights at 8:30 PM CST




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