The Nashville D-Star repeater operates under the callsign, KI4SDI on 147.18 MHz
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03/23/2013 Update - As of today, there is a Reflector for TN. - REF060. This allows TN repeaters, DVAPS, Hot Spots, etc to link together for voice and data (D-RATS).  

If you have D-Star equipment, you can register on the Nashville Gateway to use the D-Star Network by clicking this link.


To check and make sure your registration is correct, click on the following link and enter your callsign. http://dstar.prgm.org/cgi-bin/dstar-regcheck



D-Star Information
For a list of D-Star Repeaters, Reflectors, D-Star Nets, Programming Helphttp://www.dstarinfo.com


To view the Nashville Gateway, KI4SDI Dashboard   http://ki4sdi.dstargateway.org/
To view the Tennessee Reflector, REF060 Dashboard   http://ref060.dstargateway.org/


D-Star Nets
Southeast Weather Net - Sunday nights at 8 PM CST for the Southeast Weather net

Tennessee D-Star and D-Rats Net - Friday nights at 8:30 PM CST




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