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2/23/2012 - Due to some storms in the area today, we lost the Internet for a while on the gateway. When it was restored, the gateway had to be restarted. D-Star's working great. Also, I checked the sensitivity of the receiver since the new preamp was installed and it's much improved.

2/21/2012 - The 146.67 repeater had a little mouse problem. The voter COS line out to the controller was pulled loose, so the repeater was a little crippled for some of the day. I had remotely bypassed the voter and had it going partially. The other problem was the D-Star repeater was locked up. Aaron, KI1Q and myself had installed a remote reset to fix that, which worked fine.

4/9/2011 - We put the D-Star repeater back on at Sullivan's Ridge with the D-Star Gateway. I need to go back and make a change before the Gateway will be operational. This will allow repeater users to connect to other repeaters around the country. We will be connecting to the Southeast Weather Net on Sunday nights

12/26/09 - I swapped the repeater and controller on 147.345 to interface a new repeater for Cross Plains. It's ready to be installed tomorrow if time permits.

12/26/09 - I removed the IRLP Link and controller from 147.015 to clean up the interface. The IRLP node may be down for about a week. I may link it to the 147.345 repeater while working on this project.

11/18/08 - I turned off the 147.15 repeater and if it goes back on the air, it will be on another frequency.

8/05/08 - Did a little work on the 147.15 Clarksville Repeater. Corrected a connection problem and put out a little mouse poison for the mice.

8/2/08 - The 147.345 Springfield / Cross Plains repeater is working great after the new antenna has been installed a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to thank Joe, Joe, Waldo (Tower Dogs as seen on Dateline NBC), Paul N4AAN, Randy KJ4CXR, Bill N4LB, and Frankie KI4VER. It was a hot day, but everything went perfectly. We're getting some really good reports.

 7/19/08 - We put up a new DB-224 antenna (courtesy of K4ZGA) at Cross Plains on 147.345. This repeater is working much better now and we're hearing some impressive reports from around the area. We increased the power out from 1 watt to about 25 watts.

5/28/08 - IRLP's back up and operational. Sorry for the short interuption for equipment upgrades and operating system change from Linux to CentOS.

 2/22/08 - We've added another repeater on 147.345. We have plans to do some antenna work at this site as soon as the weather improves and we're anxious to see how well this repeater will work. It is linked to the 147.30 repeater in Gallatin, but we've installed frequency agile remote bases for flexibility. Currently, it's only running 1 watt while testing. More later.

07/01/06 - Well... Another first for Tennessee. Bryson, W4JYV and Bob, AF4TZ put on the first D-Star digital voice repeater. It's at 1700 ft elevation in West Nashville. This new technology is still in it's infancy, but seems to have excellent voice quality, linking capabilities, and works great.

9/3/04 - We installed a new RF deck ( transmitter / receiver) on 146.67.
and it taking a little while to re-route cabling and re-arrange equipment.
We apologize for occasional service interruptions, hum or music.
The old repeater is being reconditioned and will be a backup.


10/21/02- IRLP has changed to 4 digit node numbers. See the 
Commands page for updates


2/3/02 - We replaced the router on the IRLP node. It
seems to be working much better now.


1/26/02 - IRLP is now available on 147.015. For instructions 
see the Commands page





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