The repeater on 146.67 is a Motorola MSR2000 100 watt repeater. The ground elevation is  approximately 900 ft and we're at the 550 ft level on the tower putting us around 1450 ft. The repeater is located around 12 miles west of downtown Nashville and it simulcast with a direct connection to the 444.15 repeater located at the same site. 146.67 also has a full function autopatch,  with autodialer and reverse patch and a digital voice recorder. It also has QSYable remote bases on two meters, 220, and 440.  The remote bases also have a directional antenna system that can be remote controlled. The repeater is backed up by an emergency power generator and has the capability to link to any other repeater system in the coverage area for providing enhanced emergency communications. We can also use the digital voice recorder to provide public service announcements.  

Sullivans Ridge Tour 2011





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